Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA #012


Hey Guys, here’s this week's Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA with some more great topics that you will want to check out. We have a list of time codes so if you want to find a specific topic check them out below.

Time Codes
00:01:18 – My dog gets too excited when It picks up a deer scent.
00:08:06 – I have to travel a lot, what should I do with my pup?
00:13:55 – How do I stop my dog making noise shaking his coat.
00:16:30 – Is a stock whip ok as a gunshot training tool?
00:21:27 – How to help a dog sit and wait for long periods of time.
00:25:44 – My dog will only “sit and come” 4 times before acting out.
00:30:10 – My dog is overextending his range during scent work.
00:34:27 – How to stop our dog whining while we are not home.
00:37:20 – We have nowhere to shoot over our dog.
00:39:02 – Is 8 months too young to take my dog on a hunt?
00:41:05 – How do you teach a speak up command?
00:45:20 – My dog will walk back to me when I shoot.
00:50:35 – We kenneled our dog for a week and now he’s different.
00:56:00 – My dog is slow to sit. How can I speed it up?
00:59:25 – Any tips on exercise outside of training?
01:01:16 – How hard to be on a dog barking in the Kennel.

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