The Deer Dog Training Blueprint

The Deer Dog Training Blueprint Is Out Now

A comprehensive online video course with everything you need to know to train your own deer dog from start to finish.

Follow Professional hunter, writer and dog trainer Paul Michaels as he trains his own deer dog all the way from picking it up as a 9-week-old pup, right through to shooting deer over it in the bush.
This is a step-by-step monthly course designed to help anyone train their own deer dog. From first time dog owners, through to experts who want a complete proven system to follow all the way through.

Here is a list of just some of the things covered in this series.

  • Puppy Selection
  • Lifestyle Training
  • House Training
  • Training Commands
  • Introduction to Guns
  • Introduction to Water
  • Introduction to Obstacles
  • Introduction to Kids
  • Introduction to Busy Public Places
  • Steadiness and Distraction Training
  • Scent Training
  • Hunting Training
  • Full Hunting Tuition and Introduction

These are only a very small handful of the things that are covered in this series.

Paul and his team have started filming right from the moment they picked up ‘Print’ (the dog that is trained in The Deer Dog Training Blueprint over 15 months). Everything has been filmed, step by step. Nothing has been left out.


Traditionally people travel for hours and pay hundreds of dollars for a couple of hours of one-on-one tuition and training with Paul.

Now with the Deer Dog Training Blueprint you can follow Paul as he trains his own deer dog from start to finish, and train your own dog right along side Paul, every day, from anywhere in the world.

Nothing like this has ever been available before, and Paul and the whole team at Big Game Indicating Dogs are very excited to be offering this product – The Deer Dog Training Blue Print.

You could expect to pay thousands for a system like this, however it really is Paul’s mission to help as many people as possible, to train the best dogs possible. So he is offering this product at a very affordable price. Right now there is a great introductory offer running on The Deer Dog Training Blue Print. Jump across to the link at the button below and watch the entire trailer for full details on how to purchase the blueprint now.

Want to take a closer look at The Deer Dog Training Blueprint? Check it out on Here.


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