Paul with a trophy Rusa indicated by his Labrador Tessa in 2011
Paul with a trophy Rusa indicated by his Labrador Tessa in 2011

Big Game Indicating Dogs is based in New Zealand and run by Paul Michaels. Paul specialises in helping people from all around the world, to train their own big game indicating dogs, or deer dogs, using the Deer Dog Training Blueprint. Paul has trained and hunted with dogs from a very young age and has spent years studying and trialling different training techniques and philosophies, including thousands of hours working with different dogs at home and in the bush. Paul hunts recreationally and has worked as a professional hunter, specialising in the use of big game indicating dogs. Paul lives to hunt over good dogs, and now he wants to pass on his simple and effective training techniques so other people can experience the ease and pleasure of hunting over a well trained dog.

Paul has put a huge amount of time, money and resources into developing The Deer Dog Training Blueprint video series. This online video course is designed so anyone can follow Paul step by step as he trains his own dog, explaining and showing you everything he does along the way, so you can do the same.

Paul’s core value for Big Game Indicating Dogs and The Deer Dog Training Blueprint is to help as many people as possible to train the best dogs possible.

He hopes to see you in the blueprint, and to get feedback from you through the Big Game Indicating Dogs Facebook Page.