Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA #010

Hi Everyone, another great Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA. Be sure to check the time codes if you're after a specific topic.

Time Codes
00:01:14 - My puppy chews and plays with the longline.
00:06:05 - Our relationship with the Department of Conservation.
00:14:12 - How long should freedom sessions be.
00:18:00 - My Dog won’t let go of the skin at the end of a skin drag.
00:21:32 - Tips for the Roar with a newly graduated Indicating Dog.
00:27:28 - When I call my pup, she runs into me at full speed.
00:31:50 - How to stop my dog acting out when it is let out of its kennel.
00:33:13 - Can I train my dog to retrieve pests.
00:42:05 - My pup is fixated on birds, it is making him lose attention.
00:49:35 - Should I take my dog to a deer farm to prepare him for a Roar.
00:52:00 - My 12-week-old pup won’t sit until I’ve repeated myself.
00:56:43 - My Pup is very playful and ignoring him doesn’t help.
01:01:58 - My dog has started to jump and bite, should I be physical?
01:06:22 - Dog is good with come, sit and release but not at Heel.
01:10:15 - My rescue dog has separation anxiety.
01:19:05 - My dog gets excited when rabbits pop up.
01:25:50 - Should I take my pup camping in my hunting spot.
01:30:20 - How did you come to chose the Ammo you use.
01:43:00 - My 10-month-old pup constantly wants to play fight.
01:51:45 - My dog is getting distracted by smells while walking.
01:55:45 - Can I take my dog hunting when it's not finished the blueprint.
01:59:30 - My dog wants to stay at the end of the longline.

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