Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA #005


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Time Codes.
00:03:10 – Why do we stop dogs being social to other dogs in the Blueprint?
00:12:00 – What is your opinion on getting dogs fixed?
00:18:20 – Can I use the command of disapproval on an 8-week old pup?
00:21:00 – Do you carry first aid for your dogs?
00:37:56 – How do you stop your dog bolting when called?
00:44:47 – How can I stop my dog from being interested in other scents?
00:51:55 – Why will my pup still not sit at 10 months?
00:54:39 – Can we stop our pup chasing shadows while walking?
01:02:25 – Why would my dog get excited over certain deerskin?
01:06:55 – why is my dog not interested in deerskin?
01:43:44 – Can my pup learn from being around a trained dog?
01:47:00 – Is there a time frame to train each part of the Blueprint?
02:14:00 – Can I bow hunt without doing the firearm training?


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