Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA #020


Hey Guys, 

Here is another Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA with some more great topics that you will want to check out. We have a list of time codes so if you want to find a specific topic check them out below.


Times codes
00:05:30 – How many days a week should I train my dog?
00:09:10 – How can I stop my dog whining and barking?
00:13:20 – My dog is jumping / biting during training.
00:29:10 – Can I make my dog avoid snakes?
00:36:47 – How can I make my dog slow down when on the scent?
00:42:40 – Do you have any recommendations for navigation in the bush?
00:49:20 – How can I stop my dog chasing rabbits and possums?
00:52:45 – Inside training after part 5 of the Blueprint.
00:54:15 – My dog gets too excited during scent training.
00:59:45 – How can I stop my dog pushing its range off the longline?
01:05:20 – Is it ok to feed my dog rabbits and possums?
01:07:20 – Is 3 years old, too old for the Blueprint?
01:11:20 – How often should I take my dog in the truck?
01:14:40 – Is it ok to walk my dog on a normal leash?
01:17:00 – How can I get my 2 dogs to work together
01:20:50 – My dog has started growling when being fed.
01:41:20 – My pup is distracted when I take it away from the other pups. (prioritizing activities)
01:49:25 – My dog is playing rough with kids.
02:00:00 – Can I stop my dog randomly start running during training?
02:01:10 – Can I train my older dog, or should I get a pup?
02:15:50 – My dog is getting distracted while working on its recall.
02:27:00 – Can I speed up my pups recall off the longline?
02:32:15 – Can I improve my pup’s steadiness and help it walk out front?
02:41:20 – How can I stop my dog barking in the kennel?

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