Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA #021


Hey Guys, 

Here is another Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA with some more great topics that you will want to check out. We have a list of time codes so if you want to find a specific topic check them out below.

Times codes 
00:02:10 – Can you train bailing at the same time as the Blueprint?
00:04:56 – Is it important to pat the dog after a stop drill?
00:14:27 – How would you adjust training for Bowhunting?
00:18:45 – What breed of dog should I be looking at for the Blueprint?
00:28:30 – Will agility course training interfere with our Blueprint training?
00:32:27 – What is a Strong Eyed Heading Dog?
00:44:05 – What age can I use hearing protection on my dog?
00:49:10 – Can I stop my pup winding and scenting when not hunting?
01:05:20 – How big can my dog's kennel and run be?
01:06:25 – How do I stop my dog trying to go after cats?
01:16:53 – How do I get my pup or dog used to helicopters?
01:20:20 – Can I stop my pup stopping to look back and check distance?

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