Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA #024


Here is another Big Game Indicating Dogs QnA with some more great topics that you will want to check out. We have a list of time codes so if you want to find a specific topic check them out below.

Time Codes.
00:00:55 – After using my dog to flush foxes, it now will not range properly.
00:24:59 – How do I stop my pup getting board of walking the same track?
00:32:14 – How do you stop a dog running up to people?
00:42:41 – How would you introduce a dog to pet rabbits?
00:50:33 – My dog won’t sit on a stop.
01:01:58 – How can I give freedom sessions in a non dog proof section?
01:06:45 – Did you train your dog Fly differently than Print?
01:16:41 – Training in high distraction areas during lockdown.
01:24:45 – Should I stop my 13-week-old pup walking to my side rather than in front?
01:29:08 – Can I train my pup on a longline with my older dog roaming around?
01:30:38 – How can I stop my dog barking in the kennel?
01:34:27 – How can I get my 8-week-old pup to pay more attention?

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