Hunting Videos

In this video Paul and Print are hunting sika deer in the Kaimanawa ranges in New Zealand. Paul shoots 2 deer in one day, both indicated by Print. Then Nick comes along for a hunt and manages to shoot his first deer. A sika, shot at close range, in the bush with both dogs indicating. This is another classic Big Game Indicating Dogs Adventure and as usual Paul shares some great advice on hunting and dogs.


In this over night hunt solo hunt in the Kaimai Ranges Paul shoots 2 deer both indicated over Print.


Hunter Series – Episode 2 : In this episode we revisit the Kaimai Ranges in the North Island of New Zealand to hunt Red Deer over the dogs (Heading Dog & Vizsla).


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Hunter series – Episode 1: In this episode we go after Red Deer in the Kaimai’s with Print the Heading Dog and River the Vizsla.